Friday, March 12, 2010

Slow week

This week was slow for both real estate and acting. No auditions and just two appointments. Wednesday's acting class went well. It's fun to go there and usually pretty exhilarating. I performed a voice over to the class - meh. I need to work on "speaking directly" to the listener. Like I'm just having a conversation, and not barking about car insurance or whatever. This week however I sparred in my Monday boxing class. That was a lot of fun and very very tiring. I went 8 2-minute rounds. Most of the guys in the class compete. Of the guys who compete a few are high ranking amateurs and one is a pretty decent boxer in the "Masters Division" (which means he is older than 35). But the dude looks like he is younger than me.....for real. I have class tonight too from 730-830. I look forward to my classes. All 3 of them. It's nice to let the beast out of the cage, so to speak.

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