Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Improvsing during auditions

Have you ever been on an audition, specifically a commercial one and the CD tells you: "The script is really rough, so you can just riff and improv a lot if ya want!"? This has happened to me a bunch. The wheels start to turn in the back of my large head and the hamster (yes, it's a hamster) says: PhillyRay, they want you to write the commercial for them. It's true. This actually happened to me on a specific ad. It was for Fathead. I said a line, they all cracked up. I left, I didn't hear back.

That was, until I saw the commercial. And guess what. They used my line! Totally lifted from the audition. My line had nothing at all to do with the original script and was so bizarre and far fetched to be duplicated unknowingly. "Am I God? No. But I do have the ability to - through my photographs- to grant athletes ever lasting life."

Did I complain? No. I wanted the casting house to call me again for something else. They didn't anyway. Oh well.

Readers (if there are any of you) - have you ever had an improvised line stolen from you and put into the finished ad? Am I alone on this one?

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