Friday, March 19, 2010

Positivity begets positivity

So I have a call-back for the Mayonnaise audition. Bam. This week was pretty effing good, if I do say so myself. 2 real estate deals and a call back for a national commercial. Wow. My father, who is the textbook definition of a self-made man and a salesman, told it to me like this...

"Business is never good. Business is never bad. It's all about what's between your ears."

To this day I have not heard anything ring more true. Hands down. Hands down. If you focus on working hard, good things will eventually happen. This was my 2nd audition that my commercial agency sent me out on. But, really it's the first. The motorola thing I wrote about 3+ weeks ago was something that I spoon-fed them. I saw it and told them to submit me for it. This was all them. So in the most positive way I'm batting 1000, in the most negative way I'm batting 500. Which is still stellar. This is just such a huge relief. I was beginning to worry that I would not get a callback in what my agency believed to be a substantial time frame and get dropped by them. Then I'd be back to square one, and oh man oh man, that was 5 years ago.

But now, at the very least, they'll think of me more often. At the very most, I'll book this and earn like 15k and they will sign me to a contract and commit to me for x amount of months - I believe 18.

Call backs are tomorrow at 1:45.

Gimme that mayo money. Ha.

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