Monday, March 8, 2010

Can't Think That Way

I can't be negative about things like in the last post. No good can come of it. Done. So what if I'm back doing real estate? Plenty of actors have survival jobs or side jobs, and by plenty I mean 99% of them. I guess that I had enough of a taste of an "actors life" to become addicted to the pure joy of it. I've been going at this for the pat 5 years. On the one hand, I'm tired of essentially living paycheck to paycheck and not loving what I do, but on the other hand, if I turn back now, all of my sacrifices, struggles, achievements and hard work would have all been for nothing. Now that would be a shame.

I had a really good performance in lat Wednesday's class. I received a "print" and a "handshake". Before I came to class, the print was the highest accolade you could achieve in class. The teacher had it that way because that's the closest to praise you will receive on set. "That's a print! Moving on!" But a few months ago (wow it's been that long) I was in a fantastic scene from "Of Mice and Men", and it received a previously unseen herald. The teacher walked up to us and gave us a hand shake, proclaiming that we are now his peers.

This past week, I received a print for a Hedda Gabbler scene and a handshake for a scene in "Welcome to the Reilly's" - a nice film that was in Sundance this year.

Oh well, off to take pictures of apartments and post them on craigslist.

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