Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air

I decided a few days ago to just work hard when at my real estate job and treat it as a way to make some side cash while still pursuing acting. It works. Oh boy does it works. Of course I WANT to be a full time actor but.............I NEED to make money. I closed one rental deal this week and put in another application yesterday, the results for that one are still up in the air. It's an exciting time.

Because I was able to chill about finances a bit, I stopped worrying about my lack of auditions. And then I got the call.

It was my commercial agency, they had an audition for me. For a national commercial. For a well known mayonnaise brand. The casting breakdown called for a 31-36 year old Caucasian male. A "Kevin James" type. Fucking bingo. When the casting director came out (who was a fabulous French lady) she said: "WOW! You are zo perfict for zees!" I was paired up with a really funny actress who looked the part. She was even tinier than my wife in real life, so the sense of play and the physical difference between us was hysterical.

The CD had me make a few adjustments and I felt really good about what I did. We'll see. But man oh man, a national commercial. Pay to the fucking day.

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