Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I was a professional actor today.

Well, that was fast.  Yesterday as I was leaving my boxing class, I heard my cell ringing.  It was the casting office for the onion.  What I auditioned for earlier in the day had been pushed up to tomorrow and I was being offered the role.  I took it in a heartbeat of course!

Within an hour I had a finalized script emailed to me in addition to two alternate lines.  I also received my call time, I was to get in a 6:15am van at 14th and Broadway the very next morning.  Mrs. PhillyRay and I went out for a bite to eat to celebrate.

I felt joyous, at peace and relaxed.  It felt totally calm. I felt like I did on my wedding day.  Everything was falling into place, if only for a little bit.  It felt great.  I barely slept at all last night I was so excited.  Today was pure adrenaline and the shooting itself took about 2-3 minutes.  We filmed in Long Island, and it was supposed to be Cleveland.  I arrived around 7am, had breakfast at the truck, went on a van back to holding, filled out 4 identical contracts, had wardrobe check me and sat until it was time to go.  Go-time was around 12 noon. 

I will recap more for everyone tomorrow, as I have to memorize an audition piece that I'm gonna use on Thursday. 

Tomorrow's recap: a must-join AFTRA saga and learning to take a little sour with your sweet. 

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