Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Acting is slow this week, so I shift focus

When acting slows down there are two things to do.  One is, you pine and sob that things aren't going your way.  That works, if you consider "working" crying into a glass of Canadian Club.  You are quite tasty Canadian Club, but you are a terrible psychiatrist. Another way is, you focus on other things that will have a positive effect on you, your life, your relationships or your career. 

I have my Wednesday acting class with Beauchamp, that's great.  It's a great place to focus on sharpening my skills and working on other skills that I have yet to acquire. 

I also focus on getting better at boxing.  It's a lot of fun, boxing.  I also enjoy that I can kick a little ass, if need be.  I find that when rehearsing a monologue or a scene and I do something physical, even if it's just walking around the apartment - its really beneficial.  I learn the text faster and for some reason, the time flies by.  I also focus on general exercise.  Like yesterday, I went for a 5+ mile run around 11102.  Surprisingly, I am not sore today and I finished the run in just under an hour.  Hopefully, everything will fall into place.

After all, John Lennon once said "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  That's cool, I can get behind that. 

He also said that he was a walrus.  Goo goo ga joo. 

What about you, loyal reader(s) - What do you do to ease tension and stress when things aren't going how you want them to?

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