Thursday, September 16, 2010

Audition for the 39 Steps

I worked on the sides last night in acting class.  Steve asked "How do you think you did?"
"This is a really hard piece." I non-answered. 
"Well I hated it, and I rarely say that, but I truly did hate it.  When is the audition?"
"Tomorrow at ten thirty in the morning."
Steve chuckled "OK you're pretty much fucked."

I went up again later in the night after Steve gave me some pointers and ideas/tips etc.  The class laughed, Steve laughed.  It was a grand ole time. 

The piece requires a Scottish accent and I spent yesterday before class and last night after class and the wee hours of this morning working on said accent.  I used a technique that Steve taught me.  You say a line in your regular voice, repeat it in an accent, repeat it in your regular voice, then back in the accent.  You get the point, here.  You can't have the piece be about the accent, the piece has to be about whatever the lines are, the intentions are etc.  So I did a lot of that.  And I gotta tell ya, the audition went ok.  Not amazingly well.  But I don't think that I bombed either.  I think I saw the CD crack a smile, which is promising.  This theater is based in Sarasota, Florida and they put up about 16 shows a year.  This would be a good group to get in with. 

If I am what they need, then they will cast me.  If not, they won't.  It's as simple and as cold as that.  That is a mantra that all thick skinned actors should repeat over and over again. 

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