Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audition for Guinness Beer Commercial

Whew I am spent.  I just woke up from a 30+ minute power nap at my real estate desk.  Actors and Actresses: stop messing around with temping, catering or whatever side job you have and get in real estate.  What other job is 100% flexible, has an uncapped earning potential and allows desk naps?  It's a trick question, it's only real estate.

Anyway.  I worked late yeterday, until around 8pm showing apartments around Hells Kitchen, and I was thinking about the next day (which is now earlier today).  What did I have today, you ask.  I answer: a commercial audition for Guinness.  That beer is friggen delicious.

The CD was the same one who gave me a call back for the Kraft mayonnaisse gig.  My slot was 11:55am and they were recording in groups of three.  The CD told us that they are casting 9 regular guys and one hero.  The hero will be someone famous.  The premise is that 9 out of 10 drinkers order boring beer at a bar.  Are you that tenth drinker?  You are indeed if you order Guinness. 

"Ok guys, this will be the best audition of your whole week" said the CD "First we slate our names, then we talk about whatever, then I will film each of you one by one standing at a bar drinking a beer and waiting for your friends.  Don't be interesting, just stand there, it's impossible for actors to nothing, but try.  After a while just walk off camera."

The CD recognized me from the Kraft callback and asked me if I was getting tanner.  I told her yes.  It's funny, I've gotten a little tanner, but she probably noticed the weightloss and wasn't sure what the difference was.  So the CD had us improvise back and forth and just talk with each other about whatever.  My conversation with the other two actors ranged from my tan, to what the middle guy did (he taught) to what the other guy does.  He doesn't have a day job and just does push-ups the whole day. 

It was actually a very fun audition.  The other two guys did a lot of stuff when they were up there, they looked pretty interesting to me.  Which is cool, but also the opposite of what the CD specified.  They would stand there, mime sipping their beers, mime burping, whistle and then mime order another beer.  That was very interesting.  They also stood there for 20+ seconds.

I stood there for maybe 10+ seconds with my beer in my right hand and my arms down by my pockets and stared off into space.  A specific point in space, nontheless.  After that time I gave a slight nod, as I would if I saw my friends enter the bar and walked off camera.  YOU CAN NOT POSSIBLY BE MORE BORING THAN THAT!  Here is basically what I did:

When I walked out of the audition I saw my great friend Mark.  I hadn't seen Mark in I don't know how long, even though we talk via phone frequently.  It's funny, when I walked into the audition holding room I thought "I wonder if Mark will be in the waiting room."  When he wasn't I was a bit deflated, and when I re-entered the room after my camera time, there he was.  When he was done we had a cigar.  It was great to see him again.  It'll be awesome when we both book the job and hang out September 30th :-)

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