Monday, September 27, 2010

NYC: confusing signage of the week

There are many confusing signs in NYC. Most are parking related, but occasionally one runs into a sign of a different sort. What does "White Moves" mean? Is it the electric slide? The tootsie roll? Or is it the "shopping cart"?  Loyal reader(s), do chime in. 

In PhillyRay news: no auditions scheduled for this week so far.  Just real estate and a lot of it.  I walked around for 2 hours today in the rain showing apartments.  I will not have time to go to the gym tonight, and no, a case of atheletes foot does not count as exercise. But if it did..............

1 comment:

  1. My favorite signs are the hand written ones at the local bodegas. They almost always have inappropriate quotes. Like this one, PLEASE NO DOGS--we have a "cat"......or one I saw at barnes and noble in union square.....please "flush".....wait, am I flushing.....or? So confusing....