Monday, August 9, 2010

Two pickets to Tittsburgh please!

I mentioned in this post that my PA agent was going to submit me for work in Pittsburgh.  I asked my loyal reader(s) if they would go to an audition in Pittsburgh.  There was one response involving my childhood station wagon.  Needless to say this was not the deciding factor for me to choose to accept the audition time and go to "The Mighty Burg".  Some deciding factors are: I need to get something under my belt ASAP, the role sounds like a juicy hamburger, the CD is LA based, I have family in Pittsburgh and Megabus only charges $35 for a round trip.  Additionally, my wife thought it was a good idea.  On top of all of's not like I'm exactly swamped with auditions at the, why the heck not?!!?

The audition is on the 19th, so I'm heading in on the 18th.  After the 7 hour and 40 minute bus ride (!) I will stay with my cousin Johnathan and his wife Jaynie.  I also get to see my agent, Tara!  She just got a new office in Pittsburgh.  I haven't seen her in maybe.....4 years? I look forward to all of this!

The movie is called "New York Heartbeat".  It's about gangsters in the 1950's.  The director looks pretty great too.  This guy has directed a lot of stuff but this will be his first bigtime movie.  I'm excited.  I'd eventually like to entertain the idea of doing the bi-coastal thing, and an LA based casting director could serve as a catalyst.  Sidenote: I love the word catalyst.  (one more time)....CATALYST! I'm going out for the role of "Sledge", a 250 lb gorilla.  An enforcer who takes pride in hurting people and get his rocks off when he does well for his boss, whose name is "Casket Mike".  That role is gonna be played by Eric Roberts - really cool.

Gutpunch is meeting up tonight at 6 to film our apology video.  I look forward to this. 

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