Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spoke with my agents...

About any wardrobe requests for my new head shots this month.  They all basically said the same thing, "most with a goatee, some without."  "Some in a suit and tie, some in a t-shirt, some in a collared shirt, unbuttoned." "Some friendly, some menacing."

I had another conversation with my agent/manager based in Lancaster. She usually sends me out for Philadelphia auditions.  Personally, I really don't mind hopping on the boltbus to go to Philly.  The tix are usually $20 and it only eats up half of my day.  It's just a 2 hour ride from NYC after all.  So anyway.  My agent told me that a lot of film action is happening in Pittsburgh.  I love Pittsburgh, my Dad's family is from there, it's a really great town.  And recent Roethlisberger rape allegations aside, I love the Steelers.

Pittsburgh is a 6 1/2 hour drive away from NYC.

It turns out that the places are OK with an actor recording an audition and sending it in via e-mail.  But for callbacks......ya gotta be there.  My question is to my fellow actors (assuming any actually read this): would you rent a car and drive to Pittsburgh for a callback?  Let's assume its for a BIG project.  Like a recurring role in a network TV show in prime time.  Would you do it?  I know I would.  Let's also assume it could be for a day player role for  a pilot?  Would you do it?  I probably would......I suppose.

What's everyone's thoughts?


  1. i would (if i could borrow my dad's white station wagon and go 55mph the whole way)

    ps mets are sucks

  2. I would also do it with a peugot