Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I got rocked yesterday

There was a small amount of gentlemen in  boxing class yesterday.  We sparred.  I suppose I felt over confident going in, or maybe it was the 4 gallons of dessert wine I consumed this past weekend in Pittsburgh.  Oh yeah, there was a family wedding this weekend.  It was lovely.  The bar had sweet wine.  I like sweet wine don't get me wrong, but the sugar just compounds the hangover.

I lost my nose virginity yesterday.  There, I said it.

This guy Chris caught me with a right hook to my nose.  It bled.  Not too much, but enough to get shook like Ivan Drago against Rocky. I started to get frustrated and lost my composure.  I didn't do anything unsportsmanlike, I just started lunging forward on punches and wasn't as balanced as I could have been.  This was the first round and we had 5 more rounds to go.

Luckily, it wasn't against Chris.  Did I mention that Chris weighs probably 150 pounds?  There, I said it.  I weigh about 255.  Up next was Bosko, who I have mentioned in prior posts.  Always an admirable opponent.  I landed a jab here and there, but nothing too sharp.  He landed a few left and right hooks to my domepiece.  But it's all good.  Next up was sparring with my trainer, Lambros.  He mopped the floor with me, obviously.  Then Lambros made me do bag work.  I had to throw 400 rights into a bag.

At this point I was a bit tired.

Then I had to spar against a newer guy, but I could only land body shots and he could throw whatever.  I landed many double left hook to body combos and many double right hook to body combos.  It was fun.

I then went home, showered, took 4 aspirin and went to bed.

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