Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fame vs. Success

Some actors strive for fame. Me? No effing way. I want a life where I am an "actors actor", where my work is respected enough to work constantly, but not so acclaimed that I get stopped on the street. Who wants that? Seriously. Who wants to have their meal interrupted by someone, asking for an autograph? Ugh. Say that the situation was reversed and oh....I don't know, bankers (!) are revered on talk shows. Could you imagine that a banker were to walk down the street and someone were to sheepishly approach them and say: "Excuse me, Mr., your work in mergers and acquisitions in the late 80's really inspired me to go to business school and pursue a career in I-banking."

Does Mr. Levy want to talk to the Jr. Analyst? Methinks not. He just wants to get home to his kids and emotionally distant wife.

Let that ridiculous scenario set in. I'll give it three more seconds. 3. 2. 1. Ok. I see acting as one of the few things that I can do well. It' s a skill that I have, yes, but it's also a craft. Ya gotta work on it day in day out.

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