Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Medical Industrial Audition Yesterday

Yesterday, I had an audition for a medical industrial.  An industrial for those of you who do not know, is like a commercial, but it's only for in-house viewing.  Like an employee training video.  They pay a great "session" fee but there aren't any residuals involved, as it never goes to broadcast.  This audition was for an anti-inflammatory medicine.  The video was directed towards the "Sales Reps" who talk this product up to MDs and medical offices.  The industrials script and theme followed the timeless combo of John Madden and Bob Eucker. 

Needless to say, I went out for the John Madden type.  That's cool.  Only thing is, I was the youngest Madden in the room by about 25 years.  Seriously.  They had some heavy hitters there too.  I saw a guy who has been in ab out 15 Broadway plays and was on 3 seasons of "Rescue Me".  I also saw a few other gents that I recognize from big name projects such as "Devils Advocate."  There was also a great actor and announcer type.  He was awesome and great to audition with.  Really cool and down to earth too.  Here he is.

I was fortunate enough to read twice (the second time with Joe).  Fortunate because when I went back in, the CD gave me some direction.  He asked for more enthusiasm.  Ok I can do that no problem.  My original idea was since they asked for a "John Madden type" that they wanted someone as laid back as Madden in the booth.  For those of you who watched Monday Night Football, you would never see an amped up Madden.  He was always pretty even steven.  So I'm glad that I got that bit of direction, because I obviously had no chance with they styling of my initial take. 

Then in walked a gentleman from my acting class.  This guy Nick is a seasoned veteran.  An old-school actor.  If I get as much as a callback for this I will consider it to be a major victory. 

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