Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We sparred yesterday in my boxing class.  My Monday instructor is a professional middleweight based out of Astoria, NY.  Whenever the class is small we all spar each other and rotate after a 3 minute round.  Yesterday we all sparred the other 5 people in the class, this included our instructor.  When our instructor boxes us, he keeps his hands down at this pockets to give us a fair shot (also there is no way that he is going 100%, but still, he is a professional fighter, I doubt he intentionally takes it too easy on us).

Needless to say he laid a lot more on me than I did on him......BUT........I did lay a really solid power jab on his nose.  Wow.  It felt really really good.  He kept on faking with his right low then popping up and in one fell swoop (thanks billy shakes) he would hit me with a jab.  After the second time this happened I recognized the pattern and timed it up so I countered his jab really well and THWAP!

/Shit eating grin.

I also noticed my improvement with another boxer in the class, Bosko.  Bosko is not a professional boxer, but I think he could do Gold Gloves if he wanted to.  He is in great shape and is very very fast and tough.  Side note: most Serbians are pretty tough.  Since I am half Hungarian, I told him that this was "The Battle for the Danube".  We laughed.  The first time I boxed him he wiped the floor with me.  This time he would have still beaten me on points but I laid in a few really good shots.  Such as: a great power jab to the face,  a jab body blow to right combo and a few counters with my right hook.  We hugged at the end.

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