Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm really getting into the Gobbo monologue (maybe too much)

So the more I read over this monologue and the more I study the word play and work it on its feet the more I friggen love this monologue.  Its so layered with different thoughts.  There is a fine line however.  Gobbo, more than most other Shakespeare clowns, is the most scatter brained (although Dogberry fans would be in the right to call foul). With scatter brained lines, like great power, comes great responsibility.  As an actor, you really have to earn every "aside", every bit of "game play - role play" or the piece falls flat.  Shit.  It falls even more than flat, it would be terrible.  I'm going to put it up again next week and have someone record it with my blackberry.  I want to upload it on my computer and watch it.  I want to kick my training into high gear.  I remember when I was having trouble with my shooting form for basketball, I recorded my shot so I could see what was going wrong.  It fixed my freethrow, it should also fix my theory.

Who knows, I may even upload it on the site and give yall modafuckaz a look-see. 

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