Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have a different shirt on now.

But why?  Why would I ever take off such a nice shirt midday?  Who would do such a thing, and what could cause them to do so?  Great question.  I will answer with a soliloquy from these two jackasses cleaning a building on 39th and Lex and 215pm EST.

 See the yellow raincoat wearing douches on the scaffold?

 No?  Ok, here is a closer look. 

Douches: "I don't care about anyone who walks across from the south side of 39th Street to the north side on Lexington Ave.  Why?  Because I'm a douche.  Furthermore, my douchey boss will only pay for cleaning of this putrid pigeon shit covered building once every 3 decades.  I'm gonna spray.  Spray the guano away.  Rainnnnnnnn, shitty rain shitty rainnnnnnn."

PhillyRay: "Ahhhhh shit my new shirt!  Oh well it looks like it's just water.  Oh wait, it dried up, and now its all brown in the 50 spots on my shirt.  Oh for fuck sake."

Seriously, building washers.  Go fuck yourselves.  Seriously, fellow Lex walkers who could not possibly understand why someone had their dress shirt off, in their hand with a v-neck undershirt on.  Go fuck yourselves.  Go fuck yourselves with a maglight brand flashlight.  Enjoy.  

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