Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When times are slow you gotta make stuff yourself

Things have been pretty slow for PhillyRay as of late.  No auditions in like 4 weeks.  So I've been focusing on a few other things. 

(In my best John McLaughlin voice)

Issue Number....err....excuse me "Issue NUMBAHH One!" - losing some weight.  Boxing has been good to me, I've dropped perhaps 35-40 lbs since my I started exercising back in November, but I want to kick it into high gear and drop another 40.  That would bring my weight to 225, which would still make a me a large guy, but healthy for life.

Issue NUMBAHH two:  Keep active in acting however I can.  This means tackling new monologues in class, getting new headshots, and writing for gutpunchnyc.com  I'm very lucky to be involved with these guys.  They are very smart and great to work with. Also, I call and check in with my agencies once a week.

Issue NUMBAHH three : make money in real estate so I can afford more things and put some money away.  This summer is like......THE summer of weddings.  I have like 5....hundred.  No, just about five.  But that's a  lot of suit buying, hotel reserving, well wishing and check cutting. 

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