Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gut Punch evening

In a rare instance of life imitating art (obnoxious hint: it's usually the other way around) actual companies have been contacting Gut Punch for advertising work.  Most of the time, the companies are in on the joke, but sometimes we are not so sure.  Tonight we are going to reply to a new business lead we have.  The only problem is, and I find this to be a rather hysterical problem, we are four months late on this response.  Ha.  In typical Gut Punch fashion, since we all had access to the general e-mail account, no one actually bothered to log in and check messages.  So here we are, 120+ days after the fact about to reply to the query.

Needless to say, a simple email back to the guy will not suffice, we have to make a video to send to him essentially apologizing for the egregious fuck up.  We have a few ideas, and all of them are funny.   I'm pretty excited about this.   UPDATE: Because we have such an amazing group mind, filming has been pushed to Monday,  more updates to come. 

After that Mrs Philly Ray and I are going to the RUMBLE ON THE RIVER!  This tough guy I have trained with and have sparred with, Sergio is going to box tonight.  He is making his amateur debut.  Guy is really really good.  I outweigh him by probably 100 pounds, and he destroyed me on the reg. are free, its on west 44th street and the West Side Highway and tickets are free, should be awesome. 

I joined twitter.  If Troy Polamalu can tweet, I suppose I can too.

Small thought: The 7 train is like........the Noah's Ark of people.

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