Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We loved Maine, we had so much fun.  As I mentioned in the last blog, Mrs. PhillyRay woke me  up around 6am to get out of town and head up to Kennebunkport for a college friends wedding.  It wasn't a bad drive up, we missed all traffic on 95 in Connecticut and zipped all the way to Kennebunkport in around 6 hours.  We chatted the whole ride up, so it seemed even shorter. 

Kennebunkport is a great town.  Really charming and fun.  We went to "The Clam Shack" on Western Ave right by the bridge that joins Kennebunkport (where the wedding and reception was) and Kennebunk (where our hotel was).  Dawn is a lobster fanatic, so naturally she ordered a lobster roll and I had a haddock sandwich.  So fresh so good.  A word about lobster rolls in Maine: you can not have a bad one and they are everywhere. Literally.  They are sold in gas stations, and even there they are still great.  Its lobster meat in some kind of bread, usually a hot dog roll.  They usually give you a mayo packet with it.  You - can't - go - wrong. 

The outdoor ceremony was gorgeous.  It was right on the water and the setting was intimate.  I was chomping at the bits because these are old fraternity brothers and most I haven't seen since our wedding in September of 2008.  Great cocktail hour, passed food and a full bar, top shelf all the way.  I had my first taste of local Maine brew, too.  Allagash White is a kick ass, I repeat kick ass wheat beer and Shipyard Export is effing delicious and crisp.  It's a "full bodied ale with a hint of sweetness upfront, a subtle and distinctive hop taste and a very clean finish."  I suggest you get on that....now.

We had a great time and, of course being with some old school Chi Psi brothers, got really really tanked.  The hours flew by and we did our best to give "Sweet J" and Lauren a great send-off. 

Ha.  One more thing. After the reception there was an after party at this bar in Kennebunkport called "Federal Jacks".  There was a Jenna Bush sighting.  Apparently, her family vacations there and seeing her around is n.b.d. 

Coming soon:  Maine! (CHAPTAHH TWO!) Portland, brewery tour to second dinner.

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