Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EPA 2DAY 4 MOV (Updated 8/12)

That's code.  Code for what?  Code for "Equity Principle audition today for 'Merchant of Venice'".  That's what!  I am excited.  I got my trusty if not lucky 2:50 audition time.  I like that time.  It works well with real estate showings.  A lot of people like to see things on their lunch  break or after work, so consequently, 2-4pm is kind of slow, and at times, dead! 

I'm very excited for this audition.  I believe that I am right for the role of "Lancelot Gobbo", and a previously aired shakespearian monologue on this site was indeed Lancelot Gobbo's.  So, wish me luck.  But also, wish that the role is not yet filled.  That's the tricky thing with Equity auditions.  They by union rules have to hod auditions.  This remains true even if the role has been filled.  Often times you have no idea, until you walk in the room and there are 8 people (role is up for grabs), or there is 1 person, usually an ASM, and the role is painfully so, already cast.

Oh yeah, a few days ago I mentioned that I joined twitter.  Well, yesterday I canceled it.  Meh.

UPDATE:  The audition went really well.  I had her laughing, smiling and genuinely enjoying my take on Lancelot Gobbo.  However, it was just a casting associate; who knows if the role has/hasn't already  been cast.  She was very kind and created a supportive environment.  I'm officially putting it out of my!

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