Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making bold choices when auditioning. Philadelphia, and the war of attrition.

Tuesday I hopped on my beloved megabus to ride to Philly for an audition.  It was my first time auditioning for this particular CD, so I was excited to meet a new face and make a good impression.  They had call-backs scheduled for today, and I did not receive an invitation.  That brings me to today's central point: acting is a war of attrition.  A talented actor whom I worked with on "The Taking of Pelham 123" told me this:

"We can all get our fifteen minutes of fame, it just boils down to how long you can wait for it."

I see, I see.  By fifteen minutes of fame, I am taking that he meant "success" rather than  a flash in the pan.  As I have mentioned before, I have no desire to become famous.  I have no desire to have paparazzi take photos of me while I sip my coffee and bolt across Lexington Avenue.  What do I desire?

What is my plan,  my goal? My goal is simple, and I believe humble.  I've always wanted to have a family and be the kind of father that mine was to me.  My only goal is to earn enough money acting that I can give my wife and (however many progeny we bring into this world), a comfortable life.  I don't mean multiple mansions and mazzeratis when they turn 17.  I mean being able to cut a check for each of them to go to college and pay it in full.  I mean, when my child needs braces, we get them. I mean, when my future daughter wants a dress for senior prom that costs $400 and not the $75 one, I pay for it with ease.  That's what I'm talking about.  That's all I want.

And I am willing to wait and pursue my dream until I achieve this goal.  Look, I am 27 years old now...well 27 and a half to be pretty precise.  It's too late anyway, and I can't imagine being tied to a desk.  I have passed the point of no return, methinks.

Anyway, on to the actual audition.  I arrived pretty early and forgot my umbrella, it was a pretty aggressive mist.  Luckily I had a hearty flannel on, so it didn't look wet on camera. The script was confidential.  The actors didn't receive it until they were among the next two couples to audition.  Basically without getting too specific, it's about a cable installer who is really really really (I repeat) really, into his job.  So when he finds out that she has to install a new customers cable he yells with excitement.

For the twenty plus minutes I waited in the holding room I could hear auditioneers screaming, and I mean screaming "WOOOOOOOOOOOO".  It sounded like Ric Flair was having sex in there.  Most of these guys were huge too.  I am a large guy (6-3 250), so when I say that these doods were

When it was my time to go in, I asked the CD if she had been getting yelled at today.  She laughed and said that she was.  I asked, "Is this guy super macho and a meathead or is he just really excited about installing cable? " She told me the latter.  So instead of screaming "WOOOOOOO!" like I was juiced up on roids, I let out something like this (which provided a funny contrast to my size).

I made a choice........and hopefully, while it didn't work out this time, this will make the CD remember me as bringing something different to the table.  Who knows?

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