Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Gut Punch content coming soon and UPDATE

Gut Punch is scouting locations today for a Thursday shoot for our new client.  We are very excited about this new client and their business model.  I think that they will really take off and become the next big thing in social media.  When it's finished you can bet your ascot that I will tell you where to go.  Typically, I would have told you more about it, but we did sign a NDA.  Word.  We are also waiting on the finished product for the Jersey Shore Incredible Hulk parody.  That's gonna be pretty hilarious. 

Oh also, this is my 100th post.  I feel pretty good about it.  The blog is just a year old, and most of my posts have been, err, posted since March.  That's a pretty good frequency I think.  Tomorrow my acting class starts up again after a much needed 4 week break.  I love the class,  but its also good to step away and digest what I've learned and try to apply it. 

I'm going to work on a monologue from last season of "Breaking Bad".  For those who watch the show, it's Mike the Cleaner's monologue at the end of the "Half Measures" episode where he tells Walter about his regret of not killing a wife-beater back in the days when he was a beat cop.  The wife-beater predictably killed his wife two weeks later.  "...of course", the monologue goes.  It will be a great exercise and challenge for me to keep the tone down and tell a story and keep the tempo flowing.

UPDATE:  Well, its about boxing last night, not Gut Punch.  Boxing went pretty well, I came home drenched as well.  I'm up to the point where I am instinctively throwing counter-punches and following that up with a combo.   I used to think "Ok, here comes his left hook so dip and counter with a left hook to his body."  Now, I just do it.  I'm not saying that I am at Keanu in The Matrix kind of levels, but I can see th ings coming around. 

My footwork is improving too.  I think that has a lot to do with the jump rope I've been doing.  I begin and end a workout session with 300 jumps, varying up the speed and way that I do it.  Double rotations, single foot jumps etc.  I still cant do the cross, that's when my arms are crossed and I jump and I bring my arms back to the regular position and continue the jump.  Got what I mean?  I think that when that comes around I will be considerably more nimble and quick. 

We had a light sparring session last night.  Who I went against dictated what I could and couldn't throw.  Against a 3 year boxer I could throw everytyhing but no hard rights to the head.  Agaisnt a woman or someone new I could only throw a super light jab to the body to keep my distance. 

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