Monday, August 30, 2010

An Actor should always be on his game

"To be an artist is to never avert your eyes." - Kurosawa

In addition to awesome things like sushi and ninjas, Japan gave us Kurosawa, who gave us the above gem.  It's true.  As an actor, I am constantly looking at people, studying them.  Their movements, speech patterns, ticks - all of those things are fair game if I need to develop a character or endow an audition piece with some color.  I even take the quote a bit further and never avert my eyes from potential work.  You have to always look for work and for new ways to market yourself and leverage your talent.  It's a hard racket.  A lot of people want to be actors, so what separates you is of course, talent, but mostly drive and determination.  I don't believe in the big break myth.  It's bullshit - there, I said it. 

Oh man, what am I even talking about?  This is way too deep for me.  I'm not like that.  Here are some pictures of the bus I rode, cuz who really gives a crap about my life theory?  Look at the skylight on the megabus.  It's lifes little things that keep me entertained. 

Not bad eh?

The megabus conveniently leaves from 31st street and 8th ave.  Who needs the port authority.  It smells like bum breath in there.  And they have a room 100% dedicated for men who, apparently, like to stalk the handicapped and choke infants.  It's a terrible, terrible place. 

Hey, Port Authotrity, go shove it!

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