Monday, August 16, 2010

Good times good times

So the aforementioned conference call went well.  Nothing is official yet, and I never consider ANYTHING official until the check is in the bank; but, the conference call seems to have yielded some fruit and by that I mean money, moolah, wampum, scratch, papers to be stacked et cetera.  This development kicked off the weekend in glorious fashion.  Celebratory BBQ with Gut Punch and friends, back to NJ for a pool party and then back to NYC on Sunday to film a very funny bit with Gut Punch. 

We should have a rough edit in a day or so.  It's a spoof on the Incredible Hulk and Snooki from "Jersey Shore".  We cast a young lady from my acting class to play the....let's call the character...."Incredible Guidette".  She worked out great.  We are very excited about recent events. 

So, I'm in NYC today and tomorrow, leaving for Pittsburgh Wednesday AM, returning technically speaking Friday AM around 1, and leaving for a wedding in Maine this weekend the very next morning.  Moral of the story is, don't be expecting much in the way of new posts after tomorrow until next week. 

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