Monday, November 1, 2010


When the going gets tough (and trust me, it has been getting tough) the tough write funny Haiku potery to get themselves through the day.  It's cheaper than plastic bottle vodka and it's good to flex the mind muscle. 

Rafiqi's Halal
Lamb Jalfrezi and a coke
OMG the pain!
Magic Johnson: AIDS
Landed a nighttime talk show!
(The key to success)
Work as a broker
Flexibility is great
Don't strangle clients
Cowboy schadenfreude
Giants? Ok, but Jaguars?
That is pathetic
Astoria life:
Greeks, Balkans and Muslims can...
All agree on lamb
"Whiskey bar" is like...
Disneyland for drunks, truly.
Depressing at lunch
Old Women, cougars
There is a difference, babe
Cougars: 1%
Hey you on the bus
You talk way too loud, for real
No one cares you twit!
Auto Mechanics
Either call you "chief", "big man"
Or "pal" then bill you
This isn't for school
Buy some M&M peanuts
Keep me off the streets

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