Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Future Projects, boxing update etc

There is a Shakespearean monologue in Henry IV, in which Falstaff sings the virtues of sherry.  Of course, in his time, it was known as "sherrisack".  Nonetheless, this monologue is essentially a commercial, touting the benefits of drinking fortified wines, and pinpointing the fine qualities of a well made sherrisack. 

I want to film this monologue as a commercial in black and white and use these videos/clips as reference points:

I suppose the product will be a fake one, called "Sherrisack".
One of my acting heroes, Orson Welles, tackled this monologue on the "Dean Martin" show.  Here is that video, fast fwd to 3:52 to see the actual piece (before that he waxes poetic about Falstaff, and you will also see an excellent example of old school stage makeup application)


As much as I'd love to do the whole piece as a faux commercial, it would simply be too long. So I have to make cuts and shorten the length to 60 seconds. 

So that's what is down the pike for me.

Additionally, boxing is going really well.  I am finally able to throw a jab, right cross combo without lunging forward on the cross when I spar.  "Lunging forward" can just mean an inch or two.  If you expose your face just a little bit for a split second, that can means lights out, taking a canvas nap etc.

Of course, when you are just hitting the heavy bag or hand pads, it's easy not to lunge....but in the heat of a sparring session it's a challenge to keep cool and maintain solid technique.  I attribute keeping cool to years of playing football and the fact that I don't freak out when I take a hit.  I attribute the technique to improved foot work/coordination and I attribute this to jump rope.  I'm a skipping machine these days.  I can skip 5 different ways interchangeably.  It's fun to do 100 one way and then switch back and forth.  Man oh man, skipping rope can be an exhausting workout when done right and long enough.

I can now see some abs poking through my belly.  At first I assumed it was smaller rolls, as opposed to larger belly rolls, but upon further inspection, they are indeed abs.  So that's cool.  It has definitely inspired me to put boxing and fitness in high gear.

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  1. Thanks for this video. Amazing. He was just amazing. And I look forward to your fauxmercial!