Thursday, November 11, 2010

Real Estate is funny.

Funny weird, not funny ha ha. 

There are many doorman buildings in the Murray Hill section and Midtown East section of Manhattan.  To make their properties seem more exclusive, landlords give the buildings a name.  Seriously.  I know it sounds stupid, I know it is basically, how does the saying go?  Ah yes, "putting lipstick on a pig".  Or was is "Polishing the turd"?  Anyway, it must work because when I tell people that they are going to see an apartment in "Dorchester Towers" I hear a little "Ooh" as opposed to we are going to 236 E 36th Street. 

Here is an example of names of buildings, and I will provide those names with a weird contrast.....

On E 46th Street, there is a building called "The Ambassador".  This building is located 25 yards away from the UN, but the management does not allow diplomats.  Huh?

On Lexington Avenue in the 30's there is a 20 story building called "Lexington Towers".  20 stories is kind of tall, I guess.....but across the street are twin buildings that are 35+ stories tall.  Suddenly "Lexington Towers" seems to be compensating for something.  I suppose that something is a diminutive Indonesian doorman who can not speak English. 

On E 52nd street there is a building called "Rivercourt".  There are no clear river views and the building is 2 avenues and a quasi-highway away from the East River. 

On E 47th street there is a building called "Embassy House".  The problem?  You guessed it.  No diplomats allowed.  Well, unless they pay the year up front and sign away their immunity status.  Ha, like that'll ever happen.

Yesterday I saw a building called "The Mango".  Ha.  I'm serious about that one.  I decided to preview it and take pictures because I found the name to be in the very least humorous and in the very most refreshing and almost self deprecating.

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