Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Loko does not make a good night cap

Last night the Gut Punch gentlemen met up to discuss some potential new business and catch up.  It was a lot of fun, perhaps too much fun for at least two people. 

After a bar, a party and a cabbie who told 3 of us that we were too "big for the cab", we went to one of our apartments for further discussion etc.  I cracked a Four Loko open.  Big mistake.....huge mistake.  For those of you who don't know, Four Loko is a caffeinated alcoholic beverage.  People say, and I take them at their word, that it is essentially like having 6 beers and 2 cups of coffee.  I have to agree.

It was the last drink of the night, a nightcap of sorts.  A nightcap that I will never have again.  I'm getting too old for this kind of shenanigans.  I had the watermelon flavor, and it is because of the loko, that I totally mailed in this post today.

You reader(s) deserve better than this.  Have a great weekend and stay away from Four Loko

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