Monday, November 8, 2010

Audition a-la minute! [UPDATED]

Earlier today, I mentioned how my work ethic and unflappable good faith got me a commercial audition.  Well, I just came back from it and I feel very good.  Here is a recap.

The audition was for "Chobani" a Greek style yogurt sold here in the states.  Whenever I shop and pass by the dairy section, the product catches my eye because it is very similar to my last name, Chorba.  BTW, there is a Bulgarian woman who sits next to me at work; she has a working knowledge of Turkish and tells me that Chobani is Turkish for shepherd.  Makes sense...anywho. 

The storyboard went like this...Stephanie, a real Chobani enjoyer brings them to her work so she can enjoy them during the day time, but someone pilfers her yogurt.  OH, THE HUMANITY! She launches an investigation around the workplace and questions a "large man by the copier".  Guess which role I went out for. 

If you guessed Stephanie, you are wrong. 

Stephanie says "You look like you eat a lot of protein." I was supposed to give two reactions of the CD's choosing.  We were told to first react in a positive way and say something back, almost thanking her for the compliment.  Then on the other take I was supposed to be really confused and walk away.  Almost as if to be like "I don't know you or what your angle is, but I am leaving" But do this only through movements etc. 

I improvised my first take like this......

"Hey Phillip, you look like you eat a lot of protein."

(look up from copier, facial change from confused to delighted/confident)

 "200 grams a day."

The CD howled with laughter, and then told me to take it again but not as confident, same line in a different way.  This is when my acting coach's training is paying dividends.  I chose to use: relationship, location and mischief.  BOOM!  Nailed that.

Now time for the second take.....the confused-and-walk-away-sans-words take.....

"Hey Phillip, you look like you eat a lot of protein."

(look up from copier, facial change from confused to a bit angry about this slight...take one pace away and turn again back to Stephanie for a quick "button" on the take if you will.)

She chuckled this time ever so slightly and told me it was OK, but she wanted to see me not angry "It's like you are the nice guy in the office, so you wouldn't get mad."  I can do that, totally.  I AM THE NICE GUY IN THE OFFICE, I thought.

This time my reaction was....look up from copier, eyes widened a bit then I pursed my lips, by bringing them in, sucked in my belly slightly, silently nodded and walked away. This whole reaction was 4 seconds long, tops. 

She howled again.  It feels really good to use techniques that I practice day in and day out.  It feels excellent to receive a positive reaction to choices that you make during an audition.  I really enjoyed auditioning for this particular CD and the office itself was clean, and finely tuned in its operation. 

It is also a nice feeling when you look at the character you are auditioning for and you look exactly like it.  I know its' hard to tell, but trust me it's legit.  Yes, I unbuttoned my tie like the guy in the storyboard.  :-)

[UPDATE:  I have another audition tomorrow, for AT&T.  2 auditions in 2 days hasn't happened since.......ever?]

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