Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AT&T audition today and dramatic video reenactment

This was a lot of fun,  I am not sure how well I did so here is the rundown....

I arrived at the audition location and signed in, filled out a size card and had a digital picture taken.  I looked at the script and the commercial went down like this:

Extreme close-up: We see a man in a dentist chair with various tubes, tools and other apparati in his mouth. His mouth is wide open and his speech is impaired.  He gives distressed looks as the tools file, zing and gurgle.  He looks more and more distressed until his general rage gives way to tears of joy and it is revealed that he is not in pain at all (!), but rather he was watching a movie on his smart phone on the AT&T network.  The storyboard specified "offbeat is OK, but keep it natural." I saw this as a carte-blanche of sorts for my expressive face. 

So we had to mimic this for the camera.  I went in, slated my name, opened my mouth to the point of pain and gave the CD my most distressed and pained looks and gave way to tears of joy.  Yes folks, real honest to goodness tears.

"That was excellent." The CD said..."I could really sense that you were in pain there, and then at one point it could have gone another way.....so do it again but with more tears of joy.  Go."

My ducts were tapped.  I couldn't bring anymore tears, it didn't matter how I breathed or for how long, they just weren't coming on the second take. 

Will this matter in the end?  No one knows.  I'd like to think that my first take should be adequate enough for a call-back.  But like my coach says "If you are what they need, they will call you.  If you aren't they won't."

And that's that. But honestly, I do not envy this CD at all, because he now has to sift through hours of people doing this....


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog..reading away! What a great audition/story. There are some strange ones out there. I do not envy the CD at all. And honestly, how did they keep a straight face?

  2. Thanks for reading, Patrick! I have no idea how that poor guy kept a straight face, I wouldn't have been able to! Enjoy the back catalog of Actor 11102 - and enjoy me changing my outlook form positive to bitter to snarky to downright despicable and back again.