Friday, October 22, 2010

An Actor's Familiar Feeling: Waiting it out

So I had that audition yesterday for "Dark Fields".  I can't tell how it went to tell you the truth.  Which could be a bad sign.  Then again, I (uncharacteristically so) felt that I did a crummy job for The Onion callback - and I landed the job.  My coach's words rang true: you either match their needs or you don't.  Hmm.  So so true.  I'm also waiting to hear the final word on that modeling job for Gold's.  Oh yeah, turns out my agent spoke too soon, read the update about 3 posts ago.  Hey, people make mistakes and I am not angry in any way. 

So now I just have to chill out and think of other things.  I've found that acting is a lot like renting apartments here in NYC.  You can do everything exactly right technique wise, but if they don't "like the apartment" you aren't renting to them and if they don't "like your look or what-have-you" you aren't cast.

All that you can do is be prepared and do your best. 

Loyal reader(s): what do you do to relax or to get the focus off of uncertainty?  I exercise, or read a scene or work on a new monologue. 

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