Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I've been working on...

Here it's pretty close to finished.  A few critiques after the video.

Lancelot Gobbo Monologue - "Merchant of Venice" from Phillip Chorba on Vimeo.

1)The confidentiality was there, the speech variation was good, im satisfied with the sense of play and how i found the moments and importance on the line early on "...and he tempts me, saying to me.." I was pleased with how I layered mischief and a bit of sex.

2) Discovery around the end of the monologue was....ok, but I need to vary how I sound when I say "to run from the jew I am to be ruled by the fiend".  not all discoveries in real life are...exactly...the...same!

3) I need to remember where the conscience is located at all times.  Mid monologue it moved to "the neck of my heart", then a few moments later, I reference him being on my shoulder again...that can't happen.  Its sloppy and shows a lack of concentration.  bad philip!  tisk tisk tisk.  right at "well my conscience says budge." so frustrating!!!!!! c'mon man!

4) the game play role play of the fiend and conscience was.....ok (i know im a perfectionist) but that really gives me an excellent opportunity to chew scenery.

5) ingesting the fiend was steve's idea last week, but the coke snort and rub was my embellishment. he does refer to him as "the fiend" after all.

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