Friday, June 4, 2010

...about Wednesday night...

So I got chewed out a little bit on Wednesday night during my weekly acting class.  I supposed I plateaued last class or even regressed a little bit.  Things like this are bound to happen.  Steve informed me that when I don't make a connection with the audience and by failing to do so I do not "literally talk to them" (not necessarily in  a "breaking the fourth wall" sense) I become less of a performer and, dare he say it, and dare I agree, more of a bore.  It's OK to make a connection with a specific square inch spot on the wall in front of me, but that is a lot harder to pull off than making a connection with a human beings eye ball.  It's obviously more natural, and it stands to reason, a lot easier to do.

What's funny is this: it has never been directly told to me (or anyone else that I know for that matter) that making eye connection with an audition monitor/Casting Director/etc is a bad thing, but for some reason.....everyone believes this to be true.

While acting is a craft, it is also "the business of selling feelings and emotions".  How can you successfully sell an emotion or a feeling if there is literally no connection?  Right.  You can't. A-DURRRRRR. :-)

Then it suddenly hit me this morning, on the ride into Penn Station (stayed with the in-laws last night).......while acting is defined as so many different things, like.....the reality of doing......behaving truthfully (with or without the mask).......BUT, for my intents and purposes....acting is nothing more than just talking to people.  Just communicating to people.  Cut out all of the unnecessary stuff.  All the Steve calls them.  Just talk to people. It was truly a Eureka moment.

This is going to be great.


When I relayed this to Steve, here is his response:
it is that. it is also actually doing things and saying things 2 people, and not "demonstrating" or "showing" people those things u, the actor, r saying or doing. if u hold a cup, just hold the cup, don't show us that u r holding a cup...

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