Thursday, June 10, 2010

...about last night.

For the second week in a row I got chewed out a bit in acting class.  This time I was informed that, in essence, I was underplaying too much.  When I first came to the class, I was overplaying, showing off my largess etc; now I am too underplayed - everything is too toned down. 

It's a bit frustrating. But when I sat down after class to ponder my lesson I realized that I just have to split the difference.  Additionally, last night, Steve implored me to put more time into my preparation.  He told me..."Know why you're saying what you're saying.  That is the most important thing I have ever told you.  If you take away even one tiny bit of wisdom from all of my teaching, let it be that."

Fair enough, I can do that.  Next week, the underplaying/overplaying will reach an accord and every action will have a specific reason.  Also, as per Steve's guidelines, I will let it rip and let him be my bullshit detector. 

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