Wednesday, December 8, 2010

H&R Block Audition

There I was, at my real estate desk....feeling sorry for myself.  My nose hurt from sparring the evening before and I took 1/2 of my daily dose of Lovazza (a prescription strength fish oil* (I know, I know)).  Suddenly my cell told me (via a blinking red light) that I had a new e-mail.

It was my commercial agency, I had an audition for the next day.  H&R Block, national usage, broadcast, Internet, the whole kit and caboodle.  Big job.  COOL!  There were no sides sent as an attachment, just where to be, when and who to play.  I was to audition for the role of "Construction Worker".  The notes said "blue collar" and "casual" and "very real".  The shooting dates are pretty soon, December 13th to the 15th. 

So this morning, when I was getting dressed for a day of real estate work and this audition, I put on an outfit that could look blue collar, but also acceptable for RE work.  I put on a light blue collar dress shirt, rolled up the sleeves and went out the door.  I don't want to be one of those people with a roller bag filled with 10 changes of clothing.  CD's either like you or they don't.  And besides, one of my really great friends works in construction management, and every day he wears khakis, a collared shirt with a pair of boots.  So, there!

When I arrived there, everyone was in Carhart coats, thick flannels etc.  One guy even had on a hard hat.  Ha!  Oh well.  It didn't say "dress like a construction worker" it said "casual".  I believe I was casual. 

Anyway, I can't go too into the script, but it was an improv between 2 other construction worker types and I. We just joshed back and forth about our current project and how long it would take.  I felt good about my "very real" and "casual performance".  There wasn't so much to do, in the ad copy, we don't have any words.  There is a VO and a few characters talking about how bad we are at working construction.  Basically, I just said a lot of "yes boss" and "on it, boss man" and "sure thing".

So I suppose this commercial casting is all about "the look", even more so than the usual. 

We'll see, but I believe I am DUE for a little luck.  :-)

*Does the idea of "prescription strength fish oil" spook you a bit?  It spooks me for sure.  What makes it prescription strength?  Is it really pungent? The oil of many more fish than what you usually find?  Or is it a high potent fish, like a mackerel?  Or, is it a rare fish?  Like the black sea unicorn bass?  If you ever catch one of those, release it immediately, they are really really really (really) endangered. 

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