Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Audition recap

I feel very positive about yesterday's audition. 

The script was about two friends buying electronics throughout their lives.  The role of "guy" is always the first to buy a certain item and the role of "friend" always buys a similar but better item second and busts his friends chops about his missive.  Desktop vs laptop, HD TV vs 3D TV get the gist.  We see the friends in the 80's, 90's, present day and distant future continuing the joke.  It's a funny script and I enjoyed swinging the bat on this one. 

People were going in pairs.  This can either be really great or really bad, as you are paired at random.  I would feel extremely comfortable going in with say, my friend Mark.  We did a lot of improv comedy together over the years and are great friends to this day.  I would not feel comfortable going in there with just anyone.

Yesterday, I lucked out.  The guy I went in with was really funny actually.  His name was Dominic and we worked well together I think.  The discrepancy in size was hilarious and he saw it as soon as I did and went for it.  The guy came up somewhere between my elbow and shoulder.  I have lightish hair and a goatee, he has dark hair and a scruffy beard.  I am a bigger guy and he is trim.  Our appearances were quite different obviously and it worked to our advantage. 

We ran through the script twice and were allowed to improvise a bit with the text.....always a pleasure doing that.  We each had a crack at "guy" and a crack at "friend".  We would work well in either role too.  I would either be the larger bully guy who always rags on his friends purchases, or the big dumb oaf who makes poor purchases.  He would either be the weaselly insulter type or he would play the nebbish kind of role. 

Callbacks are scheduled for the 28th.  Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is a national commercial.

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