Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year's Revolutions

Yes, reVolutions, not resolutions.  I have never been known as a half-attacker.  I'm talking all cylinders, my friends.  I got to thinking last night when I was trying to fall asleep.  Perhaps it was the chilequiles I consumed that was keeping me up, or perhaps it was a nagging feeling that I wasn't attacking life as much as I could.

I remember when I was a junior in high school and my English teacher asked us to write a one page paper on what we thought the meaning of life was.  Yes, my high school education was a bit of a joke.  Most of the time, this teacher would read the local sports section and we'd all tell jokes and wrestle each other, throw spitballs etc.  Oh, we also read Siddhartha.  But that was about it.

Anyway, I went home and I put the pen to the paper and I drew a blank.  Of course, this was extremely frustrating at the time, but looking back on it, it's pretty funny.  What does a 16 year old kid know about life, let alone its meaning?  What a crap assignment!  I finally asked my Dad what he thought the meaning of life was.  Without a split second of hesitation he looked up from his desk and blurted, "To attack each day and task with vigor and enthusiasm."  He almost gave me a look as to say "What the heck did you think it was?" Then he turned back to his desk and continued to plug away.  Wow.  All this time, I thought I would put down some bull about "peacefully coexisting with others" or "love", or something that would be sure to get me a B+ or A-. 

I ended up mailing it in and saying "peacefully coexisting with others" and extrapolating from that point*.  But I didn't believe it.  I knew I didn't, but I also didn't feel like pushing myself.  2011 will be the year of me pushing myself. 

I will continue to exercise with vigor and lose more weight.  I've already lost 50 pounds or so, so the next 30 pounds could be tough. 

I will enthusiastically work on my acting technique, specifically cold reading, and rate/inflection/pitch dynamic. 

I will pick 4 other guideposts to work on and master them.  This way, I can attain a specific acting "style" if you will, with the hopes of being more marketable etc. 

I will stop swearing.  I swear way too much.  It's uncouth and makes me look dumb.

I will land a national commercial, and 4 principle roles this coming year. 

I will qualify for the high end SAG based health insurance.

* as much as you can in 250 words.


  1. Successful goals setting usually means sharing them so here are mine:
    1-To book 4 principals roles (TV/Film) and book 2 print ads
    2-Speak slower. I talk too damn fast and its affecting my acting and even my daily interactions. The better I am at being heard the more work I'll book
    3-Get in better shape by stay consistent with gym and start boxing with a good friend (insert name here Phil ;-))
    4-Get a better paying day job to pay down debt
    5-Get my own place
    6-Get into a good healthy dating relationship. Being a playboy distracts from acting sometimes...shit I cant believe I admitted that out loud! LOL

  2. Your high school writing assignment of expounding on the meaning of life sounds a little better than mine — which was to write an essay (also 250 words — the magic word count) — describing what type of food we would be if we were indeed a food. I described myself as a cracker for crumbling easily. What a geek I was! (Or a square as "they" said back in the day.) Besides this could not be further from the truth. I don't crumble easily at all. In fact, I hang in the boxing ring of life's scenarios far too long, getting up after being knocked down only to be knocked down again, and often much harder on the next round. However, while I don't crumble easily, I get annoyed easily which leads to my sometimes excessive swearing, a "practice" you say you'd like to give up, and a habit that I posted about yesterday in my blog, before seeing your entry on resolution/revolution. I am not sure if swearing makes someone look dumb. Impatient yes, but dumb, not sure. I just know I'd like to give up the swearing-reflex too. Here is some temporary consolation: The joke about the guy on a train who was begging for money. "He encountered a gentleman reading a newspaper who responded, 'Neither a borrower or a lender be; William Shakespeare.' The beggar looked at him for a moment then said, 'Well fu-- you! David Mamet!'" Ah, justifying is one of my downfalls, but I did feel compelled to share these thoughts with you upon reading your post. I certainly hope the New Year brings you those acting gigs and many blessings. BTW, at least your high school teacher made an attempt at hearing your thoughts by asking you about the meaning of life. Your paper expounding on "peacefully coexisting with others" sounds much like the title translation of Hesse's "Siddhartha." Perhaps your being motivated by the promise of "a B + or an A-" as you indicate — shows you already were setting your sights too low as your ideas sound like an A++ to me. This experience sounds like the contents for an Academy Award Speech which you may have the chance to make if you get those well deserved roles. So here's to a prosperous, opportunity-filled New Year where you are blessed with such good health that you don't need the SAG insurance or feel the frustration that prompts swearing! Cheers! P.S. As for your high school paper, what grade did you get?

  3. I forgot the grade, I think probably a B+ or A-. I loved that joke, thanks!