Friday, July 23, 2010

Thoughts on Acting

So, as I mentioned here, I am in the middle of a transformation.  Both in terms of appearance and in terms of, if you were to allow me to put it crudely.

The weight loss was not only for health reasons,  it was also for my career.  It's not like I was exactly booking work left and right as a big big guy.  Something had to change.

Regarding acting styles.  It was brought up in Wednesdays acting class by my sensei/avuncular figure Steve, that when I play a scene with elements of mischief/charm/confidentiality I am a lot more engaging than when I don't.  Hmmmm.  I will take that advice.  I'm in the class to drink the kool-aid,  so I will gulp it down.  We'll see what happens.  That could be my niche. I'd be cool with that.  For sure.

Countdown to episode 4 release for Gut Punch!  ASAP, you will see this guy......

STRAY THOUGHTS: I'm getting pretty big in Asia.  Recently, I've had blog visitors from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.....Davao, Philippines......and one visitor from (drumroll)  Kathmandu.  Welcome Asian blog readers!

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