Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm going off the grid for a week.....

Well not truly "off the grid" but there is no TV, internet or quality radio signal.  There is plumbing though.  Mrs PhillyRay and I will go to the Ray family retreat on Fire Island for 10 days of doing absolutely nothing.  It's going to be magical.  I do plan on hammering a new monologue, a "Mike the Cleaner" monologue from AMC's "Breaking Bad."  If you haven't seen that show, you should Netflix it or something really quick.

See you on the other side, loyal reader(s).  I'll be sipping on a rather tall Negroni and looking at this for 10 days...(stray thoughts following images)

Stray thoughts:
- 85 degrees ordinarily does not feel cool; it does after a 3 day 100+ heat wave.
- Be aware of things that smell better than they taste.  I'm looking at you, shampoo.
- Mumus are gross.  They either hide good things or bad things.  They are unAmerican.
- Never judge a man before you walk a mile in his shoes.  That way you are a mile away from him and you have his shoes.
- I fixed my faux wayfarers.  They are "tortoise".  I now have my swagger back.
-  I think that my whole blog should be nothing but stray thoughts.  What do you think?

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