Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pitch meeting was a'ight

Business is funny. I never realized how much of a bizarre and alien world it was to me, until yesterdays meeting. This was my first experience sitting down at a huge table with other people. Everyone talked in business terms, its a tender game to watch. I was fascinated and confused at the same time.

The idea for the meeting was to see if vimeo would feature us for any amount of time on their website. I had hoped that since I sent the episodes along a few weeks ago that the head of user content would have already seen it. What happened at the meeting was essentially a meet and greet, mehtinks, which is fine I suppose. The director of content had not seen the content yet and left the meeting basically saying "When I get around to seeing it, I'll let you know." That's fine, but I thought I took care of sending the materials along beforehand? Did I? Maybe not. Business is strange.

We love vimeo. It's a great site. And I'm not saying that bc I think someone there might read this (sidenote: I doubt ANYONE reads this, ha, this is mostly just for me). I hope it works out. New episode is launching tomorrow, Friday.

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