Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Discovery Card VO audy

I went to my agency today to go out for a Discover Card VO. The script had an idea that a man was talking to a boy, named Bobby about his toy speed boat on the lake. When a woman comes to take her son away and calls him another name, it becomes clear that the man is referring to himself in the third person and is therefore funny. It just goes to show that with auditions I never know anything. I still haven't heard from the Saturday Night Fights audition or for AMP Energy, and for all I know I have been cast for Discovery Card. Such a weird business. My buddy Mark is in a NY Lotto commercial called "Fat Wallet". He said that his audition for that lasted all of 10 seconds, and while it wasn't an uncomfortable experience, it was a weird one. On his drive back to VT (he was visiting his parents and in-laws with his wife and kids) he got a call that he had been cast.

Hopefully I will get a call about being cast in the Saturday Night Fights thing and the AMP Energy! I'm just chilling on my couch right now, later on I might hit the heavy bag to let out some stress. Acting class tonight from 8-10.

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