Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sans Acting

I haven't had an audition in around 3-4 weeks.  This has made me focus on earning money in real estate and on physical fitness.  We're all set to go to Savannah in 8 days or so.  That has intensified my work ethic over the last few days.  I want to close 2 real estate deals by the time we leave.  I've closed deals at that rate before.  What PhillyRay has done, PhillyRay can do. 

Yesterday I went to the aforementioned "meathead gym" in Astoria.  They have a revamped schedule, which includes (thank you Lord) a Thursday boxing class!  That is the perfect day of the week to have a boxing class with my schedule. The instructor is a grizzled Haitian man named Pierre.  He also has a class on Tuesdays from 730-830 called "Pierre's Torture Camp".  I find that class aptly named.  I'm banged up, dude. 

Today's gripe:  Why is it so hard to get a coffee without sugar?  I supposed I'll have to start reinforcing my order in Spanish....

"Coffee with milk and no sugar, please.  Cafe con leche SIN azucar, por favor....sin azucar."

"Como?  Sin Azucar?"

"Si.  Soy dulce bastantes."

Ah.  The pains of ordering coffee.  Esso si que es....

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