Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am slowly becoming a ginormous meathead

Who has two gym memberships?  Seriously?  I think besides me, maybe a tan juice head gorilla or two.  The kind of guy with a yin yang tattoo on his right shoulder an donning his back left shoulder...a panther tearing out of his flesh. (It's like a sick 3D tat, bro!)

Just four blocks away from our apartment is a gym that offers a bunch of MMA classes.  You can take however many of them you want for $39.95/month with no commitment.  The two boxing sessions a week did me well, but in order for me to cut more weight and live a long and happy life with my wife, I need to drop perhaps another 25-30 pounds. I'm going to take classes at this other place 3 other days a week.

/puts on sleeveless Affliction t-shirt

My goal is to be 225 by April 1st and 210 by June 1st.  I last weighed myself about 6 weeks ago and was 250 pounds.  I think I've dropped a bit since then.

/plucks eyebrows

Anyway, this other gym is pretty sick.  Tonight from 7-730 is a grappling class specifically geared towards MMA fighting styles.  Of course, I will NEVER ever spar in an MMA style.  Those dudes wear 4oz gloves!  What the heck could that do?  It essentially stops you from being cut on the first punch and that's about it.

/flexes tricep in the mirror

Wednesday is my acting class, so I can't workout that day.  Then on Thursday there is a MMA self defense class from 7-8 and then a bag work class from 8-845.  Friday I box and Saturday from 1030-1115 is MMA self defense followed up from 1115 to 12 is MMA style "XTREME CONDITIONING".

/shaves armpits

Bro, I'mma be mad savage in like 3 months. You don't even know, kid.  Shit is legit real quick.

/browses amazon.com for mexican steroids

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