Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starting things out

I am a 26 year old actor living in Astoria, NY. I enjoy my life most of the time. I have an incredibly supportive (read: emotionally speaking) and loving wife and parental units. I feel as if my acting career is about to take off in a huge way and I want to chronicle it. If I make some new friends or somehow gain a following (large or small) then hey, that's always a good thing. Writing at one time was a great way for me to get things off of my chest and this is an attempt to return to that.

About three years ago I answered a craigslist ad (don't all terrible/amazing stories start this way?) for a talent agency looking to take on new talent for NYC and Philly. I am not from Philly, but I figured "If I can get a SAG day player job, who cares about taking the Fung-Wah down there?" So far this agent has sent me on perhaps 15 auditions, all but one down in Philly. And of those 14 Philly auditions, 11 have resulted in call backs, and of those 11, 0 have ended in having work, but there were 3 extremely close calls. 15 auditions in three years is a joke. I understand that Philly is not as competitive of a market like LA or NY, but c'mon. 15? The woman who heads up the agency is sweet and all, but afteral, "who is working for who?"

My other agency is NYC based and works in movies, TV and theatre. The word on the street is that this woman was at one point in time a legend, but she went through a rough patch after her husband died and now she no longer pulls as much weight. I have been with them since June, and they have sent me out on 5 auditions. No call backs. I have been sent out for 2 feature films, and HBO show and a video on TheOnion.com.

I also started to freelance with a very large, respected and bi-coastal commercial agency. I met up with a V/O agent there on Friday. And now, today, Tuesday, I had two voice over auditions (one for a fast food chain's dollar menu and one for a shitty upstate NY beer (hint: they used to sell "cream" beer)). I am exited. I believe that all I need is a foot in the door. So like I said, for the time being I am freelancing, but as soon as I land something, or get consistant call backs, its signing day for PhillyRay.

I am not sure of the exact point of view of this blog as of yet. I think I will let this develop its own personality. Or, perhaps simply chronicle what my day was filled with acting wise - a digital diary of sorts. We shall see. My goal is to write something at least 5 days a week.

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